Venue: The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is in my garden in Soham and I provide the address upon booking, or feel free to ask me in advance if location affects whether you can get here.

The Log Cabin is heated by a small oil heater in the colder months (kept out of little ones reach during Circles) and we have a fan on really hot days. We tend to open windows for ventilation. There are chairs and floor cushions so you can choose what you feel comfortable sitting on. There's a soft rug for little ones to play on, and older little ones can play in the garden if you'd like - you remain responsible for their safety at all times and I encourage you to take five mins or so to walk around the garden with them to make them and you aware of any hazards and how to avoid them.

Anything else you'd like to know? Just ask!

The Log Cabin is up a couple of steps. Pushchairs can be left in the garden. There are two steps into the garden so you may find a sling easier, but it's doable with a pushchair.

Set up for a REAL Circle of Women, you'll see a centrepiece and candles in the middle.

Set up for a REAL Circle of Mothers, you'll see a basket of toys in the middle!

Set up for a sling support session, hence the mirror, basket of slings and pair of demo dolls!