Safeguarding policy

We all have a duty to keep children and vulnerable adults safe. If a child or vulnerable adult who I come into contact with seems to be at risk of abuse, maltreatment and/or impairment of health and development, then it is my duty to file a safeguarding concern with the relevant local authority and to share the details of the individuals involved along with my reasons for concern.  

I have undertaken safeguarding training on numerous occasions, both as a teacher and a breastfeeding counsellor and I transfer these skills into any role I am in.

Inclusion policy

I welcome diversity! I rejoice in the variety of humans I get to interact with in my work and life. I am always learning and I get things wrong, so I am always grateful if you can let me know about anything I can do better. I strive to support those in marginalised communities. I am here to support you, without judgement.

In my sling support role, I support all parents and adults who wish to carry their little one(s).

In my breastfeeding support role, I support all parents who wish to feed their child human milk in any way. 

You are welcome whatever your family structure, sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, background, circumstances, finances, mental ability or health, physical ability or health, neurology, and I will use and respect whichever pronouns you are comfortable with.

In my REAL Circles facilitator role, I welcome anyone who identifies as the group named in the Circle title. So, in the REAL Circle of Mothers, I welcome anyone who identifies as a Mother. In my REAL Circle of Women, I welcome anyone who identifies as a Woman. I hope to offer additional REAL Circles in the future which would be open to people of all gender identities. 

If there is anything you need, please ask.

Privacy policy

I will keep your data safe, using password protected devices and accounts, and I will keep it in line with GDPR. In accordance with GDPR, you have a right to ask to see any data I hold about you. 

I use Google forms to collect your data and it is stored on Google Drive. I use Mailchimp to send emails to my email list, so your details will be uploaded to Mailchimp only with your consent. If you pay me via Monzo, they will hold your details that you share with them. If you pay me via PayPal, they will hold your details. If you get in touch via Facebook or Instagram, they will hold that data. If you email me, my email account is with Ionos 1&1 and they will hold that information.

I will only contact you with your permission.

I have to keep records for 7 years for insurance purposes. I am insured by Therapist Insurance. They would only request to see a copy of the records in the case of a claim, so that is the only circumstance in which I would share your information with them. 

Cancellation policy

Places are limited, so if you need to cancel, I would appreciate you letting me know as soon as circumstances change, so that I can offer your space to someone else.

1. If you cancel more than 48hrs before the circle/session, you may transfer your ticket to a future one or find a friend to take your place. The onus is on you to look out for future dates and rebook.

2. If you cancel within 48hrs of the circle/session, transfers to a future one may be offered in exceptional circumstances only. If you can find a friend to take your place your ticket can be used by them instead - you must let me know. They will need to fill out the booking form before the circle/session.

3. If you don’t show up and haven’t told me you’re not coming, no refunds or transfers will be offered.

If I cancel for any reason, I will offer you a refund or the option to transfer your ticket if you prefer.